54 Slayings, More Than 80 Charged: As Chicago���s Gangs Have Changed, So Have Federal RICO Prosecutions

<54 Slayings, More Than 80 Charged: As Chicago���s Gangs Have Changed, So Have Federal RICO Prosecutions>

There are some very serious crimes the ATF, Joe Plemmons and Chuck Goudie have commited!

The ATF by messing with my fathers first lawyer and fabricating the Helen Brach Muder Mystery being solved has created obstruction of justice, slander, libel, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotional distress and some more!

I am not a lawyer but have study the law some. I think it is a crime to falsely accuse someone of murder!

I thought it was very interesting that a jury had awarded a former Chicago policeman 6.6 million $ because he was set up by the FBI.

This story aired right in the middle of Chuck Goudie's show! This law suit was only against 2 FBI agents. He will next be going after the FBI!

Steven Manning was on death row for 8 years. 2 FBI agents fabricated the story to put him away!

The FBI and the 2 agents deny it!( sound familiar lie & deny) They never admit their lies. They LIE & DENY, lie and deny!

There are some similarities and differences in the Helen Brach Muder LIE.

Steven manning was an informant for the FBI and stopped giving them the info they wanted. He alss in the past had commited some crimes.

On the other hand my father has no arrest record at all! He was a great cop for 28 plus years. He has caught murders while Joe Plemmons was conning and stealing and probably murdering people fo all these years!

Joe Plemmons arrest records is way beyond what you can immagine. The ATF is keeping a man out of jail who continues to hurt people!


http://chronicleforums.c...30;mages/blank.gifPosted document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Mon, 29 Aug 2005 19:16:34 GMT-0700', 'Aug. 29, 2005 10:16 PM')+''); Aug. 29, 2005 10:16 PM Aug. 29, 2005 10:16 PMWow! That is a fascinating tangent to this story and could totally explain why Goldy if he is who he says is defending his Dad who was just maybe a cop in a small town and with a family to support afraid from the get go.

I didn't need to sign up for anything to get on the article. It does create a larger perspective than just crooked horse traders taking advantage of old widows. And inthe context of the times it sounds very plausible.

I had not realized the relationship of Silas Jayne to those boys.

Radio Talk you're right; I have no way to be sure of who goldy might be. BUT I have a Hungarian gypsy intuition and I think he's real and in pain. It might be one of the good things we all do in our lives if we can help him to get this all into perspective.

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http://big.oscar.aol.com...30;mages/blank.gifPosted document.write(''+ myTimeZone('Mon, 29 Aug 2005 19:45:52 GMT-0700', 'Aug. 29, 2005 10:45 PM')+''); Aug. 29, 2005 10:45 PM Aug. 29, 2005 10:45 PMHere is the story Goldy was referring to when he spoke of the ex-cop who had been framed by two FBI agents.

Jury awards $6.6 million to man 'framed' by FBI

'It's a long, long way from Death Row.'

By Matt O'Connor; Chicago Tribune staff reporter

January 24, 2005

A federal jury today awarded nearly $6.6 million in damages to former Chicago police Officer Steven Manning, finding two veteran FBI agents framed him for a Cook County murder that put him on Death Row.

The jury also held that one of the FBI agents also framed Manning in a Missouri kidnapping case. Manning spent 14 years in prison before both convictions were overturned and the prosecutions were dropped.

The damages could go even higher. U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly, who presided over the six-week trial, is yet to rule on whether the United States shares responsibility with the two agents for malicious prosecutions.

"It's a long, long way from Death Row to complete vindication,'' Manning said after the verdict.

The jury deliberated for 6 days before finding FBI Special Agents Robert Buchan and Gary Miller liable for Manning's wrongful conviction in the 1990 murder of trucking firm owner James Pellegrino. Buchan was also found liable in the Missouri kidnapping case.

The jury also found the two agents had intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

Manning claimed in his civil suit that the agents had a grudge against him and framed him for the crimes. The charges surfaced after Manning, who had been an informant for the FBI, filed a civil harassment suit over his treatment by the agents when he tried to stop working in that role, said his attorney, Jon Loevy.

"It's a very unusual thing that the jury would find FBI agents framed somebody not just once but twice for capital crimes," Loevy told reporters outside the downtown Chicago courtroom where jurors returned their decision.

Federal officials this afternoon issued a statement saying they "respect the jury system, the work of this jury and its verdict.'' But they said they remained "confident that the agents who were sued did not engage in any misconduct in this matter.''

U.S. Atty. Patrick J. Fitzgerald and Richard K. Ruminski, acting special agent in charge of the Chicago office of the FBI, said they would have no further comment.

Both Miller and Buchan remain with the bureau, according to FBI spokeswoman Cynthia Yates.

In closing arguments Jan. 11, a federal prosecutor lauded both Buchan and Miller as dedicated, law-abiding FBI agents.

In a fateful decision, the FBI used a notorious informant named Tommy Dye to try to elicit evidence about the Pellegrino murder while Dye and Manning were incarcerated in Cook County Jail.

Dye asserted he had captured a confession by Manning on a hidden recorder, but when nothing was audible, he claimed that the confession came during a two-second inaudible portion of the recording.

He claimed Manning had grabbed him by the arm, bent him over, put a finger to his head as if it was a gun and said, "This is how I killed Pellegrino."

A Tribune investigation in November 1999 examined Manning's conviction as well as prosecutors' use of jailhouse informants and found both were deeply flawed.

Manning was taken off Death Row in 2000 and finally freed from prison in February 2004. His civil suit had sought damages of more than $20 million.


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That's weird if the evidence was compelling enough for the jury why wouldn't the FBI dump those two guys instead of giving them applause.

Yes! I can imagine that goldy would hope his Dad got the same treatment and there were millions in damages.Especially if this seems to be a pattern with our new and better FBI.

lyrical that's a heck of a good cross reference between you and LLDM I think we have our own whodunit team going.

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That's weird if the evidence was compelling enough for the jury why wouldn't the FBI dump those two guys instead of giving them applause.

__________________It is sad but true that many people will believe the first story they here on T.V. or in a newspaper. Even when a lot of evidence appears later to prove it was a lie. I have no doubt there are many people who still believe Chuck Goudies reports on the Helen Brach murder investigations being solved. Even with overwhelming evidence that proves he has reported many lies and misinformation from incompetence. The reason I understand this is because I use to trust what was reported on T.V. and in newspapers as being true.

Before the 1995 Richard Bailey trial, my bubble was burst from Chuck Goudies story, I-Team goes to Puerto Vallarta! I heard many lies and misinformation in this one report. Since this experience, I always look at the possibility that many reporters lie, are lazy and often do not follow up on leads. They love to sensationalize to make the story look better instead of reporting the truth.

I feel it is time to tell some new details and review some others so you can see clearly how the ATF, Chuck Goudie and Joe Plemmons created this con. They did it to become great men, carry out personal vendettas, to make money, make a name for themselves and to help some politicians.

This disregard for the law by the ATF, Chuck Goudie and Joe Plemmons was carried out because the ATF figured they could not lose. If the con worked they would have solved the Helen Brach murder. Chuck Goudie, the ATF, Joe Plemmons and a politician would have gained a lot! If it did not work, the ATF figured it would just die and go away. It was clear to the ATF that the Jaynes were pinned by negative books and media stories. They often exaggerate, lie and sensationalize unproven stories that have been told. First, Joe Plemmons has worked with the ATF for 13 years and was told exactly what to say by the ATF. Matlick the other murderer never talks to anyone. All the real evidence clearly points to Matlick being the murderer. There are many, many facts that show that Matlick was the murderer and the ATF & FBI know this! The ATF decided that they would get Matlick with their new massive amount of lies and also put away others because they can and often do get away with setups


If you knew every detail and saw all the proof it would be crystal clear that the ATF created crimes against my father. They will be prosecuted by the law! They figured my father would not say anything because he did not say anything in the 90s about Chuck Goudies disgraceful and fabricated report about him. So the ATF looked at their con as if they could not lose. No one would expose their scandal, con and criminal behavior.

At this point ATF Rotunno and Chuck Goudie are really sorry that they publicly released their lies. Not in their wildest dreams did they expect to be exposed for their lies! I have spent many thousands of hours researching their BLUNDER. Some other very wonderful people have been amazing at helping me research this FANTASTIC SCANDAL!

I am sure that some of you wonder why I continue to write on the computer and not just go after them through the legal system. At this time the Supreme Court of Illinois is investigating some of our findings!

The time has come to share with you about how many laws protect large television network stations from the average people (laws which must be changed!). These companies keep merging and getting larger and larger and can tie up civil law suits in court for many, many years! Only the largest law firms represent them and will not represent the little people unless you pay them at least $500 per hour. Goudie and his bosses know this and the majority of what he said, was told to him by the ATF. Even though he lied and misinformed many, many times, I will now explain how he felt he would get away with this in the legal system.

If the ATF, Goudie and Plemmons had done this to Oprahs father, rather than my father, there would have been big law suits and criminal charges against most of them! No doubt, some of the ATF agents and Joe Plemmons would have gone to jail! But ATF Rotunno and his buddies know all about how to lie, cheat, con and break the law and never get prosecuted. So it is clear they would have never tried these SCUM TATICS on someone like Oprahs father!

We have a very good case against Goudie. If the ATF did not scare, intimidate and or payoff my fathers first lawyer, a law suit would have been filed by now. My fathers lawyer told me many times that the ATF hates him and are very, very mad that we have uncovered their CON! The ATF has tapped our phone conversations, used listening devices and intercepted e-mails from my fathers lawyer to Mexico. They saw and heard that their con and scandal, which they created, was about to be exposed

Now here we are in late 2005. Chuck Goudies first story was on Jan 1, 2005 and there is a statue of limitation of filling a law suit that expires on Jan 1, 2006. (What a stupid law, only one year from when Chucks first story aired!) Another law to protect these network giants!

When we were clear that my fathers lawyer was no longer with us because of the lying, unethical ATF who think they are above the law, I searched for a good medium size law firm with 15-60 lawyers that could handle a law suit against a large network station. The largest firms generally do not handle plaintiff liable suits and this case is too big for a small firm. It would be too hard as I found out for a small firm to stop ATF Rotunno and his buddies from obstructing justice!

We needed a law firm that was willing to go deep into their own pockets to cover expenses upfront. Looking at a couple of other cases against network T.V stations the cases were tied up in court for many years. We have a very good case. The problem is there are not many law firms who handle plaintiff liable cases against network giants. If we were rich we could have had a lot of firms who would have taken my fathers case. The cost would be $400 to $500 an hour. We were looking for a law firm on a contingency basis. My father is on a fixed income and I am not wealthy. So the laws protect unethical reporters that are with large networks. However all of you can act as our court and jury and help my family stop this kind of behavior by uncaring large corporations.

Chuck Goudie and his bosses knew after my call to the I-Team (on March 31, 2005 at 10:45pm) that they made a major mistake. I left a message on a recording about this being the most one-sided report. There was nothing mentioned of con man Plemmons arrest record and years of working closely to the ATF. Also I clearly pointed out Goudies lies and misinformation years before. I said to please tell Mr. Goudie to stop harassing my father with phone calls and fed-exs. I said he is the last reporter on this planet that my father will talk to! I also e-mailed some of his bosses and very nicely asked them to stop Goudie from creating all these lies! Please!

However, they kept all of this trash, and sick reporting on the internet for over a year now. I think they did this because they thought they could get away with it and make more money; they do not really care that human beings are maligned by their reporter and the ATF.

Couldnt they have at least apologized and treated my family like human beings and have taken this scum reporting of the internet??? After all, I made it clear how many lies and misinformation were in these stories!

I want all of you to know that my father has never met Helen Brach, Joe Plemmons,(murderer) Matlick,(murderer) or the Spilotros (murderers). That truth alone proves that the ATF and Joe Plemmons have committed a crime, using my father in their con to make money and look good. God knows what these scum wanted by their evil actions. My father has never been arrested for anything!!

The Richard Bailey trial was held in 1995. Shortly before, Chuck Goudie and the ABC I-Team went to Puerto Vallarta to talk to my father. My father told Goudie on the phone that he would not do an interview. Goudie would not take no for an answer. Goudie and the I-Team were all over the building where my father was staying. Also, Chuck was paying Mexicans for info about my father. People who worked there said that he was an arrogant jerk! Some of my fathers friends and workers were keeping watch to see when the jerk left. My father took one look out his sliding door to see if the I-Team was gone and they got a film of him peeking out. They used this clip in their newscast and said my father was hiding in Mexico. What a big lie! He only lives there part of the year. There you go again, Chuck! They also used this same clip for their Jan 1-3, 2005 broadcast, saying again that he was hiding in Mexico!

Goudie was not going to leave Puerto Vallarta without a story; even if it was all lies! Well Goudies lies did not stop there. He paid a Mexican to go on his broadcast who said senior Lee gets drunk in the morning at his condo. Then at noon, he stumbles down to the beach to sleep it off. Then he goes back to his condo to get drunk again, and on and on with disgraceful lies. Goudie probably flipped him $20 or $50. My whole family and friends saw this report. We said what a low life, sick lying person this reporter is! This sick report went on to put my father in the worst possible light possible! Goudie said I was a college student living at their place in Skokie. Another LIE! I was 34 and long out of college. At the end of the fairytale, the worst broadcast I ever saw of Goudie's, said: I would sure like to see his tax returns. As former President Ronald Reagan use to say: There you go again, Chuck. My father was already questioned and harassed by the FEDS, and was AUDITED. His finances were all in order. He worked very, very hard all his life for what he has! Why didnt Goudie get an academy award for this performance?

As stupid as it looks in hindsight, our family said nothing at the time. We felt it would all go away including the moron who created it! Goudie was nothing but a lying, lazy sensationalist! He was not willing to leave Mexico without a great story. Even if it was only a fairytale he created

Our real nightmare started on Jan 1, 2005.When Goudie aired on every newscast for a few days. The headlines were Helen Brach murder mystery solved. I will start with a quote from this report and then I will clearly point out many lies and distortions by Goudie. I will continue to show you exactly how the ATF concocted their lies.

Here we go with more of the ATF, Goudie and Joe Plemmons lies. Chuck Goudies first report on Jan 1, 2005 was Helen Brach murder mystery solved. Chuck Goudie said, Sources working the case say evidence given to prosecutors also directly connects. . . (my fathers, full name) with former Skokie police officer to the murder. Ten years ago, the I-Team located my father hiding in Mexico. My father returned home in 2003 to pick up his ailing wife. It was the last time he was believed to have been on U.S soil. There you go again, Chuck! (2 BIG LIES BACK TO BACK!)

On a Jan 6, 2005 broadcast by Chuck Goudie: Helen Brach murder mystery: Mob hoodlums carried out crime. And, a well-placed informant has told agents from the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau that in 1977 Victor Spilotro made arrangements to sneak Helen Brachs corpse into the Inland Steel plant in East Chicago, Indiana. Authorities say Mrs. Brach was thrown into a blast oven and cremated. Goudie says, a well placed informant has told the ATF. (Please, tell me how Joe Plemmons was a well placed informant in 1977, when Joe was not working with ATF until the 1990s? Please tell me how he can be the ATFS main informant in the 1995 Richard Bailey trial, saying that Bailey offered Joe Plemmons $5000 to kill Helen Brach, and now he totally changes his story in 2002. Now saying - sorry, my story has totally changed! Me and nine others killed Helen and I get immunity from the murder! I get lots of money from the ATF and I will write a book and make lots of money off solving the Helen Brach murder mystery! On April 10, 2005 in the Chicago Tribune interview Plemmons talks about writing a book.

If you examine what Plemmons says in the Richard Bailey trial, he changes his story a few times in that trial! There you go again, Joe. Caught in another lie! You pathological liar, low life scum!

Also some people who have investigated the Indiana steel mill lie, say it is almost impossible to sneak a body into the steel mill without some people seeing you. ( The ATF got the idea about Helen being incinerated in a steel mill from a 1991 story that a psychic said this was how Helen was killed!) Huuummmm!!!

Chuck Goudies next newscast on the subject was on March 22, 2005: New twist in Brach murder case. Said Goudie, The ABC I-Team has an exclusive interview with a federal informant who says he shot and killed Helen Brach. Also, Richard Bailey did solicit you?

Responded Joe Plemmons, federal informant, Absolutely without any doubt in this whole world.

A few questions later Goudie ask Plemmons, Why should people believe what you say now in light of what you said in the Bailey trial.

Plemmons replied, I think that everything I said in the Bailey trial was transcript and I think I would stand by it.

Con man Joe sure expresses a lot of doubt about the truth of his testimony in this last statement! It is very difficult for this pathological liar to remember all of his lies that he must have practiced over and over again in his head!

Chuck Goudie never even questioned Joe about his life of crime! Chuck will win an academy award for not informing his readers at all about Joes evil criminal past! Do you think Chuck is working for the public or the ATF? With this interview and all the years Chuck has worked with the ATF & FBI on the Helen Brach case, this is all we get out of an exclusive interview with Plemmons!! There you go again Chuck!

Chuck Goudies last telecast about this topic was March 31, 2005: ABC 7 I-Team learns identities of people reportedly behind Helen Brachs murder. Goudie described, It was a frigid February day in 1977 that would be her last on earth. The informant told federal agents --- and the agents now believe --- that the beginning of the end for Brach that day was at the hand of a. . . (my father). My father was frequently a Jayne bodyguard and close ally. In the federal report, Plemmons said that Jaynes paid. . . (my father) between $350,000 and $750,000 to beat Brach unconscious at her home in suburban Glenview. Then he says (my father) rolled her up in a blanket.

There you go again, Chuck, Rotunno and Plemmons! First of all Chuck Goudie reported on Jan 6, 2005 that my father was a look out. Now he says he is the murderer. Please Chuck, which story is the truth?

These morons say my father was a bodyguard! These liars have a great imagination! They got this story from books written about Silas Jayne. That Silas had a policeman working for him.

Please Joe tell me why I have never seen any evidence of $350,000 to $750,000 he was paid! I know my fathers finances inside out and there is no evidence of any money my father has gotten except from working many jobs for many years. You should try this Joe, working hard for your money. Instead of stealing, murdering and lying for the ATF for your money! It is called an honest living. Something you have never done!

After over 28 years as a great policeman, and working many extra jobs, my father did well. Then he worked many years as a horseshoer, which pays well. This greatly supplemented his pension. The ATF, FBI & IRS have already checked this out!

Like I have said before the ATF has fabricated this story to solve the Helen Brach murder! The ATF knows that Matlick was one of the killers. They probably know that Plemmons was a 2nd murderer, and they are hiding information about Federal agents who made money by keeping the truth of what happened to Helen Brach secret! It looks very suspicious that some of the Federal agents who have investigated this murder mystery over the last 28 years are working for Brach Candy Company, after retiring from the FBI!

The ATF & FBI are experts at setting people up. They pay drug addicts to support their addictions, pay murderers, career con men, let people off crimes, get them out of jail and pay them money to lie to say exactly what the FEDS want to hear to frame people! I have lots of evidence that proves this!

***first name

During the 1995 Richard Bailey trial, Judge Shadur sealed the Santiago Proffer and said that Kathy Olsens testimony was not credible. She was paid by the Feds at least $5,000 for her drug addiction and much more to lie about conversations she said she overheard about Helen Brach being killed. She heard this conversation while hiding in an office closet at a horse stable. Well my friends this closet was much too small to hold her then 300-pound body!

I called the I-Team March 31, 2005 at 10:45pm and sent some e-mails to Chuck Goudies bosses the following few days, telling them about Chuck Goudies lies. No more broadcasts have aired on their station about this topic since. There are two broadcasts in the ABC archives which have never been televised. One was with Kathy Olsen. Why have they never aired this? I know why! They knew that the ATF had in some way set Chuck up. Chuck Goudie was no longer allowed to report on this case! I figure by now they got it that Chuck Goudie had screwed up BIG TIME!

Goudie was an ATF Puppet! I nominate Chuck Goudie for an award. The worst investigative reporter in Chicago for the last 2 decades!! As I told you before I will not watch ABC-7 news until Goudie is gone and all of his trash reports on Helen Brach are taken off the internet and their website! It might take ABC losing 30,000 to 50,000 viewers to do this! Only then when they have lost enough money will they care! Why would they care if Chuck Goudie totally screws an innocent family and creates a nightmare for us?

Imagine what would happen, if it was allowed that one could make up any story to get an enemy put away in prison for life, with no repercussions, no accountability or consequences to the liar. In fact, sometimes these people are rewarded with cash and IMMUNITY. This is like a true sociopaths dream.

The court system would not only be not very effective, it would become a laughing stock.

Remember some of these people have used people all their life and nothing has really happened to them. I dont think the court system should be allowed to be ~used~ to apply punishment for someones personal vendetta.

In Chicago, the FBI is lobbying big time! They invite judges, lawyers, politicians and the media to their shooting range and then wine and dine them! No wonder our court system and media are corrupt and the ATF & FBI have such a high conviction rate in Chicago!

They hand pick jurors, and pay off judges, juror members, lawyers and politicians! The media get great news leads from the ATF & FBI. An investigative reporters career is greatly enhanced by not telling the truth about ATF & FBI corruption! The media is scared of the Feds and wants to make money and a name for themselves by being Fed Puppets!

It is too bad we do not have newspapers in Chicago like the Washington Post & New York Times. For Gods sakes we desperately need honest reporters with some backbone, if we are to change Chicago from being the most Corrupt City in the nation!!

This week the FBI is asking for more FBI agents in Chicago, to fight corruption. Does the FBI expect us to trust them to self-clean their own corrupt organization? What we really need is to clean up ATF & FBI corruption. Thats the biggest problem we have in Chicago! God Bless America!


During my exhaustive research of the Helen Brach murder investigation there is a clear pattern that I see. ATF Rotunno is an expert at deception to support his theories. Before ATF Rotunno leaked the Plemmons lies to the media he was heavily promoted as a great man in a book called Unbridled Rage by Gene OShea.(I want to make it clear that all I say about Gene OShea and his book are just my and a few others opinions.)

I feel that this was part of Rotunnos plan to win public opinion of what great work he had done of getting people convicted for murders. Then his new fabricated story would carry more weight. In Unbridled Rage a lot of stories about Silas Jayne and his family are told by Rottunno and other law enforcement agents. After all the lies I have pointed out about ATF Rotunnos disregard for the law and lying, do you believe his stories?

Rottuno paints a picture to support his con. Gene OShea appears to be his P.R. man. Not once throughout this book does he say anything negative about Rotunno. It appears to me and a few others that OShea has a hidden agenda in writing this book!

He really sucks up to Rotunno a lot. I and some others are very, very suspicious of Gene OShea becoming Illinois Gaming Commissioner. Did Rotunno or his ATF buddies have something to do with Govenor Blagoavich appointing him to be Illinois Gaming Commissioner?

He was a reporter at the Daily Southtown newspaper in suburban Chicago while working very close to Rotunno then he becomes Illinois Gaming Commissioner. Very, very interesting! I think this should be investigated! What do you think?

In the 1995 Ken Hansen murder trial, Hansens defense attorney ODonnell says as Gene OShea writes in ODonnells opening statement, The states case was nothing more than fabrication, woven from lies and stories of paid witnesses who were working hand in hand with federal agents to rebuild the tarnished reputation of the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms, ODonnell said.

An unholy alliance was created a few years ago, that alliance was between William Wemette, a man who has to please people who pay him money, provide him housing, give him free telephone service, and a unit of government called ATF, ODonnell said. The ATF in 1993 was probably the most discredited law enforcement agency on the face of the earth after the Waco disaster and Ruby Ridge. They desperately needed to seek to rehabilitate their image before the public.

William Wemette was and FBI informant from 1971-1989. Then the ATF gets new information from him in the 90s about a murder that happened in the 50s. Very, very suspicious looking! Maybe another ATF setup! What do you think?

OShea writes about the 1995 Bailey trial, Judge Shadur found that Bailey had conspired to murder Helen Brach based on a preponderance of evidence.

This is just from Joe Plemmons testimony! Bailey was convicted of stealing from rich woman. But to sentence him for conspiring to kill Helen Brach on Joe Plemmons word alone looks real weird to me!

OShea writes, On a moments notice Rotunno would find himself switching gears from a suburban family man with a wife and three daughters to his undercover persona as a ruthless drug dealer who moved truckloads of marijuana. Gang members came to admire Rotunno, nick naming him Red because of the government-issued undercover hot rod he drove, a fully loaded red Mustang.

So Rotunno is a trained liar. I bet he is so good at lying that he could look you in the eyes and make you believe his lie. He can probably lie constantly to a lie detector and pass the test!

OShea writes, Rotunno, with all of his years of undercover work, had honed his instincts, and trusted them. His intuition had gotten him out of a jam on more than one occasion; sometimes he just knew he was right about a suspect or theory. Like many lawmen, Rotunno was very good at reading personalities. He often relied on his internal lie detector when sizing up witnesses and informants. Rotunno was also a guarded individual. He rarely shared his opinions or true emotions, and when he did, it was only around those he trusted. Rotunnos guarded demeanor would pigeonhole him as bad cop in an interrogation situation.

So once Rotunno creates a theory he will do whatever it takes to support his theory. In the Helen Brach murder investigation, he has lied and fabricated evidence to support his theory. He thinks he is above the law. He has broken the law over and over. Why should Rotunno be able to break the law and not be fired and prosecuted?

Remember ATF Bob Hauffman saying on Jan 10, 2005 on 60 Minutes that he could substantiate one of the three ATF woman agents claims that ATF agents sexually harassed them. He went on to say that all the criminals that he has put away in his career, all of them have more honor than the top official in the ATF! He said I know this is a sad commentary but that is my experience as an ATF agent! How can we blame ATF Rotunno? He is just following their example!


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